1. Some people say that online learning can replace traditional schools. What is your opinion?
    Write an argumentative essay with refutation (about 250 words).

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It is true that many people agree with the idea that pupils nowadays should learn in digital schools. However, while it could be argued that learning online is valuable in some cases, I believe that such a policy should not replace traditional schools. Therefore, this essay will look cautiously at both views and explain the reason behind my opinion
One the one hand, it is advantageous for children to study online in some special occasions. One reason is that it could be able to help students develop their behavioral and social skills through interaction with their teacher or classmate at distance learning. In this way, for some students who are still shy at communication, they now can confidently talk to the teacher through the screen of electronic devices. Another reason is that if teachers can control the student’s learning situations, it will be easier to create learning plans that are suitable for individual pupils and help them keep up with their studies to get better results.
On the other hand, I would agree that traditional schools could bring more benefit for learners. To be more specific, physical contact with teachers can help pupils apply directly from lectures to assignments and also broaden horizon of knowledge for individual students. In additional, the school curriculum will help students to have a chance to improved social skills. They will be able to Improved communication skills, connecting with more friends and it is also a good environment for students to become a team-players. For example, like me right now, because of COVID -19 epidemic, my school has organized an online course for each student could available learning at home. With personal experience, I see that it’s not a good way to study in long terms. Lack of communication and physical contact makes me loss of interest and disrupt lesson.
In conclusion, it is clear to me that it would be better for children to attend traditional schools rather than digital school. By maintaining the traditional way of learning, it’s will help students get the best education program

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