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its a song by Sufjan Stevens Emotion: smile hope i helped xx
Artist: Sufjan Stevens

Title: For the Windows in Paradise, for the fatherless in Ypsilanti

Album: Greetings from Michigen, the great lake state (Bonus Track Version)
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its Sufjan Stevens !!
Thank you sooo Muchh!! I can finally listen to that wonderfull song with my iPod!

Thxx again Emotion: big smile
thats sufjan stevens. title, for the windows in paradise
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i was just watching the oc and this song came on for jonnys funeral.. and i fell inlove instantly

so i came to look for the name and song writter and here i am!
Sufjan Stevens ...Great Song
"For the widows in Paradise" by sufjan stevens
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This song was written by Sufjan Stevens who is an American singer-songwriter and a musician.
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