Hi! I'm a newcomer in here and I want to improve my english by make friends with you.

sometimes, I wrote some articles by myself and could not find the mistake in there. and I could not confirm that words I used is correct to express my emotion. I need somebody check my blog and give me advice for my article.

Here, I announced I'm not do AD for the website of BLOG, I just need somebody who have warn heart to help me to improve my english level....

my english blog is : http://daxueyingyu.com/cshuang.blogs /

Welcome to the Forum.

Please post any English you wanted checked directly here, on the Forum. It makes it easier for us.

And please don't post your entire blog, just short passages that you really want help with.

Best wishes, Clive
I got it, I will post which I want to check... thank you for your advice!