Traveling abroad is the best way to get to know new people and new cultures as well, and this is not because it is one of the entertainment means , forthrmore, to my mind i consider traveling abroad is advantageous for us , so from this point i acknowledge that traveling let us to acquaint new things naturally we have never been know before , i completely agree with the statement for three specific reasons i will explain them in my essay :
First of all,when you talk about traveling، comes to your mind a new language, so you will gain a new knowledge about new language, so that , you will manage to communicate with people and improve your skills and get yourself up , that actually helps you in order to get rid of your social anxiety .You will step out of your comfort zone, for me personally, i guess there is special magic or charm to traveling , you will feel that you have a new pure soul. Traveling abroad gives us a deep understanding of life, There is a direct proportion between communicating with people and getting know yourself deeply . The more you dig into people, the more you get to know yourself. and that is the biggest benefit of traveling abroad

Traveling bridges the gap between people via getting along with each other . because you will know new cultures , new tradition of people and so on , so that, make you less racism against any strange or deffrent person , and it increases your focus and conscious and at the same time it improves your performance in life Through the acquisition of new life skills.

to sum all these ideas up , i'd to say if i have the opportunity of travel ,definitely, i will study abroad and acquire a new experience .this , end up getting new people, life skills and unleashing your mind to do incredible things


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