I am planning to take leave from 29-Aug to 9-Sept for celebrating Eid festival at my home town.

Kindly let me know in case of any concern.
Hello, catchjamil - and welcome to English Forums.

I am planning to take leave from August 29th to September 9th to celebrate the Eid festival in my home town.

Kindly let me know if you have any concerns.
Thank you so much for previos reply... it was imazing helpfull

kindly assist for below line . please let me know if any grametical error in below line

I have checked this issue multiple of times on Development and Testing environment. it's working fine.

kindly assist me how to re-produce issue which is mentioned in Bug - 395
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Please understand that we live in different time zones and that this is not my job. Do not ask for emergency help here.

I have checked this issue many times in the Development and Testing environment. It's working fine.

Kindly assist me in how to reproduce the problem which is mentioned in 'Bug 395'.
I apologies for all your pain caused by me.... and thank you so much for your Reply....

can you please suggest me. how i can I improve my written skill?

I really in pain because of my written skill in not good. Please assist or let me know how to improve?
There is no secret method, catchjamil. The path to better writing is twofold: (1) read a lot and notice how natives write, and (2) write a lot yourself. We are happy to have you post short writings in this forum or our essay-writing forum, and we will review them for you.
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Thanks you so much for all your support.... You are greate....