i have written a testimonial for a friend pls check and advise!

Good things about Amy

He has got a great sense of humour and i have not seen him ever loosing his temper, he is quite patient and intelligent and has solution to everything and quite mature to his age.

Bad thing about Amy

he is always sleepy and always yawning and his pet word is sorry and which is quite irritating

he cannot live without

his car, his cell and most importantly his mother

i pity

his wife

my prediction

he will loose all his hair within a year..very soon you will see a bald amit although i m afraid he will ever paste his that photograph
A testimonial is something you usually write for someone to help them get a job/place on a course etc. You only really talk about their good points.

Is this just a description of a friend for an exercise? (Amy is a female name by the way but you are talking about a man - is Amy actually a woman? Or is Amy not his real name?)

You need to write in proper sentences. Start each sentence with a capital letter and finish it with a full stop (period). I should always be capitalised.
Thanks for your advise! Yes it was just for practise..I only wanted to know how capable i m in writing as english is not my mother tongue..Amy is just an imagination.