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Hello definitely I accept impressive offer . THANKS a lot . But first of all I want to promise u that I won’t give up and I’ll try my best . Bcoz I give up so easily .I have no constant effort to achieve something. But I won’t let it happen this time so I promise u Ok

U said u’ll give me some speech so please…….

And I’m not so good in writing letters or story so I’ve made sentences so please check them out .

1. Tomy was a drugs addict and alcoholic. Since he was 18 he used drugs and after few years he started to drink alcohol .He died with the blood poison only he was 21.

2. bought a new coat yesterday and he got stain when he had (when he was having) breakfast so I had to wash out .

3. said by the time he arrived and his mom had left

4. He said he seen the movie and he had gone out form cinema. Or He said he had seen the movie and he had gone out form cinema.

5. I know my hair style was so ugly , lots of people told (said to ) me too .
Hi again,

1. Rosy had been rejected from school coz she was so naughty. Use 'had been' when you are talking about two things in the past, ne befoe or the other. Here' I'd just say 'was rejected'.

2. I’ve been to KL for the vacation. OK

3. Have u been to London? Or Have u ever been to London? Both are OK

4. I was been so silly to him. Or I have been so silly to him. Both are OK.

5. I was been in comer for years . I don't know what 'in comer' means.

Best wishes, Clive

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Hello Clive

Sorry I was wrong , I meant ‘Coma’ .

(5) I was been in coma for years .

And will u please , show me 1 example with “ Had Been” ? U meant in the past 2 things first one have to use with Simple past tense and second one with had been .

Like – They went home that time but I had been still working in the office .

Is it bad one ?

waiting for ur post
#5 -- you cannot use was with been, Shabnam. I was in a coma for years. You could say grammatically I have been in a coma for years, but it means that you are still in a coma now, so you would not be able to say the sentence!

Only use the past perfect (had + pp) when it is necessary to make clear which of two past events happened first. Your sentence doesn't work, because they went home and I was still working happened at the same past time. Look at this:

When they went home, I had been working for ten hours. -- They went home after ten hours of work by me.
I had been married 7 times when I met her.-- Before I met her, I had 7 other wives.

As you may see from these examples, past perfect is often used instead of clear order markers like before and after.
Thanks a lot .......?to

Who explained about have/had been. Now I'm clear but had been is still a bit difficult to use for me .Actually I'm making mistakes with present perfect .Coz both so smilar PP and PPC (present perfect continuous ) So I've made these execises please check

  1. I had been waiting for her when her DAD's came

  2. I had been phoning when she slipped .

  3. When she went I had been sleeping .
Waiting for correction posts

Thanks again
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Hello Shabnam

1. I had been waiting for her when her DAD came.

2. I had been phoning when she slipped. ] Ok.

3. When she went I had been sleeping . ] Ok.

Now try this exercise:

Take your three sentences, and put a related sentence on each side of them.

Then repeat the exercise, but use "I was" instead "I had been", e.g. "I was waiting for her when her Dad came".


  1. I was waiting for her when her dad came .

  2. I was phoning when she slipped .

  3. When she went I was in asleep .

  4. She told me the story and i was shorked

  5. When the police came theif was gone . or theif has gone, went gone .
I've made 5 .Actually I want to make some more difficult sentences with past tense, could u give me some hint ?

And could u please teach me some reported speech ? I'm very bad in that .

Sorry, Shab, I meant "put the sentences into context", e.g. for #2:

"So how did she fall over the edge of the cliff? Why weren't you holding onto her?"

"Well, I was phoning for pizza when she slipped. The next thing I knew, there were four little legs disappearing into the sea."
The context is necessary to understanding the difference between "I had been..." and "I was..."

See if you can create a context for one of them.

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Sorry I was so stupid , ok

I’ll answer some of questions form sentences

Urs , "So how did she fall over the edge of the cliff? Why weren't you holding onto her?"

“Well , she slipped with some rocks and I didn’t had (didn’t have )a time to hold her it was so sudden”

Am I still stupid , is that what u want me to do ?

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