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Ok sir

so u gonna give me more ?

see ya
Hello Shab

We can do that. What subject would you like?

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i'm a chinese college student ,i have been learning english for 8 years,but as a alien ,Emotion: smilei want to improve my english in all subjects.i haven't get a effective way .

please help me or suggest me some good suggests.


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Posted: Feb 17, 6:43 AM [GMT 1]
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Hello definitely I accept impressive offer . THANKS a lot . But first of all I want to promise u that I won’t give up and I’ll try my best . Bcoz I give up so easily .I have no constant effort to achieve something. But I won’t let it happen this time so I promise u Ok

U said u’ll give me some speech so please…….

And I’m not so good in writing letters or story so I’ve made sentences so please check them out .

1. Tomy was a drugs addict and alcoholic. Since he was 18 he used drugs and after few years he started to drink alcohol .He died with the blood poison only he was 21.

2. bought a new coat yesterday and he got stain when he had (when he was having) breakfast so I had to wash out .

3. said by the time he arrived and his mom had left

4. He said he seen the movie and he had gone out form cinema. Or He said he had seen the movie and he had gone out form cinema.

5. I know my hair style was so ugly , lots of people told (said to ) me too .
Hello sir


I want to try that subject

Please tell me when or where I have to use . Is that express PAST? And SOULD = WOLD? Both same meaning?

I’ve learnt ‘would ‘express politeness and in wishes is that so?

Please explain and please give me exercises with that.

Hello Shab

Yes, I'll be happy to think up some exercises on "would", etc.

Tell me something you like to do in your spare time, and I'll build them round that.

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U asked, What I usually do in my spare time ?

Testing my English, listening music, watching movies, cleaning my room, Surfing internet

that’s all

Yeah, I’ll be very happy to do great exercises ! please
Okay...here are some sentences. See if you can change them into sentences that use "would" and "should":

1. Ought you to be using the internet so much?

2. There's a choice of tea and coffee. Which do you want to drink?

3. When I was a small boy, I used to go and watch the football every week.

4. If I go home late again tonight, I'll get into trouble.

5. At your age, is it wise to drink so much whisky?

OK sir

1 U should ought to be using the internet so much ?

2 There’s a choice of tea and coffee. What would u want to drink ?

3 When I was a small boy …..

no I can’t make 3

4 If I go home late again tonight ,I would get into trouble .

5 At your age , ……..

no I’m feeling down , I didn’t get what u asked me to do

I’m sorry will u please explain me again ?
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this is my teacher's advice : you can improve your English conversation with story books you should listen to the tapes & repeat everything you heard. then compare it with text & tapes.


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