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Hello Shab

Here are the correct answers:

1. Should you be using the internet so much ?

2. There’s a choice of tea and coffee. What would you like to drink ?

3. When I was a small boy, I would go and watch the football every week.

4. If I went home late again tonight, I would get into trouble .

5 At your age, should you be drinking so much whisky?

Sorry for the late reply – I lost the thread!

Hello Mrp u sitll remember me right? sorry for my long break sir . that's what I want to tell u openly please judge me sir

I'm a person who have no persisent consistent and I give up things easily .I'm the youngest in my family so they love me so much & no body is control over me since birth .Now I realized myself and I just start to built up my own goals and that is to learn English constantly till I'm not perfect . How I have to change myself and get intouch with English regularly without break ? please give me some steady work please .......

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Ok , I'll try that out , yeah it'll be helpful .Thanks alot .

[ sorry for late thanks ]
Hello Shabnam

If you find you give up things very easily, set yourself very small tasks at first that will be easy to accomplish.

If you have an English text book, for instance, study it for 15 minutes a day, very early in the morning, and then revise the same part of the book again at night, before you go to bed. If there's anything you don't understand, post your questions here.

Then perhaps when the 15 minutes has become a habit, you may find you're ready to expand it to 30 minutes, then 60, etc.

All the best,

Thanks alot sir , I've been waiting for ur advice .Ok sir, I'll start try tomorrow.

Thanks again

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Hi Shabnam. You know I have seriously grammar problems like you. Thanks and regards to our friends who want to help us.
Hi Shabnam

I'll leave the rest to Janice.

And I’m not so good in writing letters or story so I’ve made sentences so please check them out .

Please note that it should be 'good at', not 'good in'. This a very common error.

I wish you success.
Hi Shabnam

I want to help you in English. I'll start doing so by pointing out all the mistakes you make. I believe this is one of the best ways to improve your English.

Under Subject, you wrote 'Re: waiting for ur (better use 'your') execises, (should be exercise).

You wrote: Thanks alot sir , I've been waiting for ur advice .Ok sir, I'll start try tomorrow.

Please see the corrected version: Thanks a lot, sir. I've been waiting for your (Don't write 'ur'. .Avoid short form, which is an obstacle to your progress.) advice .Ok, sir. I'll start trying tomorrow.
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Yeah, they've been really really helpful and so kind . U know my Grammar is improving alot bcoz of them.I also thankful to all of them. And u also no worries u will be perfect one day , whenever u find difficulty just post it they all ready to help .

Best of luck
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