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I don't know if it this has been mentioned: whenever you come across with a new word, write it down; make a list of new/hard words. After a while, it's your own dictionary with words that are, hopefully were, hard to you. Furthermore, it is extremely helpful to you if you make up your own sentences that include the new word. Making sentences of things one is keenly interested in is a good way to remember the words.
Nowadays most dictionaries include example sentences. Such sentences help you learn how to use the words.
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Hello everyone...


I'm impressed by your activity...

And you rose my vigor......

Actually I have a problem with tenses,especially (Present Perfect,simple and continuous)..

I'm trying to improve my level in English,because I'm studying English Literature in the Unversity,and I need some Native speaker to talk with..

Keep going Sis,and don't lose hope of learning ...English is a lovely Language....
Take a look on this link :


Take a look on customer reviews

As you can see, my english is poor, but this book make grammar clear

(I'm not weak only in grammar but also in vocabulary)

I think there is an international shipping. If not, try with www.amazon.com (USA website)

Huh! Take this number : ISBN: 0521537622 , because there are several editions. This one is the newer.
Hello there

I just want to say thanks alot for your helpful post and link .I've been searching for those kind of grammar web but I haven't found any good one . So, thanks again and I'm gonna check that web now .

see ya !
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Hi you are definitely right, in that way we can learn a lots of words everyday. And we can need to use those words for us to practice using it and saying it. Hope we can talk more.