I am learning basic networking at this moment. While reading this sentence about the disadvantage of peer-to-peer network,"People in your organization are sophisticated users".
Anyone helps me to explain the words sophisticated users ?
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Sophisticated users are computer users who have a fairly high level of knowledge about the software and systems they use. What they can do depends on what you are talking about, but as an example, a sophisticated user of Windows can probably do the following things:

- Install and uninstall software
- Change settings in the control panel
- Customise the theme they use
- Connect to other computers/printers

As well as other things that would be too hard for many users.
Thanks for your help b_smith. It's really nice of you.

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thier work is very comlecated
can't say for sure, but it seems to me it is skilled user, a professional one

sorry if I made confusion
And what do you call the opposite? i.e. when you can use a computer or a particular computer programme but you are not an expert?
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sophisticated users = experienced users
hi Emotion: smile! the person who is not proffessional in the computing field called a biginner
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