hi. I'm writing a formal letter to a dean. I passed the entrance exam bit I failed to enroll on the said date that's why I missed the first sem. I tried if i can enroll for the second sem but they are not allowing case like that so they told me to write a letter to that dean and put there if i can use my previous entrance test score to be used to qualify next school year. They said that in that case, they would accpet me if the reason in the letter that I'll make will be valid. Look, My father and I lost communication during the erollment date that's why i didnt have the chance to enroll. (how can i edit the reason to make it sound really good valid reason at all?) and pls. review the letter below.. please. I really need help.. it's for my future.. so pls. help me.. it would be grealty appreciated! God Bless!


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Dr. Pricilla M. Torres

Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy

Main Building University of Santo Tomas

Espana, Manila 1008

September 6, 2006

Request for Admission

Dear Madam:

I am writing to request for freshman admission next school year.

I took the Ustet 2005-2006 and passed my first choice of course under Faculty of Pharmacy(Pharmacy). I confirmed the course but unfortunately failed to enroll on the said date of enrollment thus having missed the first semester . I failed to enroll because of a serious family problem- my father crossed-counrty and we lost communication for a long period of time escecially during the enrollment date in the university. That time, I need my father’s approval of the course and universities I’m about to enroll to. Few months later, I got his approval and we have communication but the classes started and I know that I’ve lost my slot.

I tried to inquire if I could still enroll in the second semester but it’s not possible anymore because first semestral subjects are pre-requisite for second semester.


[I dunno how to say:

> if she can use my previous entrance test scores to be used to qualify for my chosen course next school year.

> And that I attached the copy of confirmation given to me when I confirmed the course.

>and how to put my contact number on the letter.

> and how to close it hoping she could accept me next school year , I would be happy if that happens because the university is my dream school even before when I’m in high school and I really want to study there, I like the academic performance of the school.. etc. And that I hope to hear from her soon.]

Truly Yours,

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I am writing to request admission as a freshman next school year.

I took the Ustet 2005-2006 and passed my first choice of course under Faculty of Pharmacy(Pharmacy). I confirmed the course but failed to enroll by the required date and understand that I am therefore not able to start the course this year. I am requesting that you permit me to use my entrance test scores to enroll in next year's course.

I did not enroll this year due to a serious family problem- my father moved across the country and we were out of communication for a long time, including the enrollment period for university. At that time, I need my father’s approval to enroll in the course.A few months later, we got back in touch and I received his approval but the classes had started and I lost my place. I did enquire about enrolling in the second semester but it was not possible as first semestral subjects are a pre-requisite for the second semester.

I have attached a copy of the confirmation of the offer received from you for this year's course. If you need any more information please call me on: (telephone number).
thanksssssssss! thanks a lot! you're an angel! God Bless youuuuuuuu!
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hi. I'm writing a formal letter to a dean. Me and my team mates need to write a business leter for our community service.
please help me..( it's about helping to clean the campus..)


You need to try to write the letter youself first. We have no idea what your letter needs to say. Just say what you would say to the dean if you were talking in person. Then post it here and we can take a look.

(Note: My teammates and I need to...)
I am writing a letter to the dean to re-enter school after academic termination
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Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to appeal my academic termination.

I am fully aware that my termination was a result of my evaluation.

There were many factors that contributed to stress, which caused my grades to suffer.

want to summarize that moving to a new city and starting a new school and working a new job ( that wasn’t exactly thrilled with having to work with my schedule) and having my mother at school at the same time, all lead to the stress that caused my grades to slip

I found myself overwhelmed by all the new things happening around me

I know that there are people at the school that I could have gone to for guidance but, I was still under the impression that I could handle things myself.

I would really appreciate another chance to earn my degree and better myself. I can assure you that I have learned a valuable lesson and will put my education first from now on.



09TH DEC 2009

Dear sir,

I sincerely wish to transfer from one of our campus to the main campus.iam franklin akosa with the iindex number xxx level 100.

Due to some challenges and hardships i'm not sure that i would be able to continue my education to the next academic year. i write to you to assist me transfer my campus to our main campus, so that i would able to continue my education.
Hopping my request would be given a keen consideration and acceptance.

Yours sincerely
franklin ako
Hi. I am trying to write 2 formal letters concerning 2 courses for the dean of the faculty of economics and management. First of all I had a bachelor in my country and I am English educated. I traveled to a country where the mother language is french and I am trying to continue masters in it. I reached with the director of a private university that gives a certificate of a public university of the state, that I can have the courses, questions of the exams and answer in English. In the final exam of the second semester I failed in two courses because:1) In the "Marketing" course i wasn't able to understand a 10 pages passage neither in English nor in french because the passage was translated using Google translate toolkit (copy paste): for example: "marché" in french means "market" but who wrote the exam he wrote marché like that: "marche" which will mean in English "walk". So imagine how a 10 pages passage would be translated that way. What i am trying to say that i have the right to complain since i failed because of the bad exam translation of the university leading me to understand nothing and automatically nothing can be solved. Note: I took 6.75/20 in this course but it was 7/20 i would pass it by deliberation, as the module contains other courses not only this.2) In the "Personnel Development" course, I failed too because the professor who is supposed to give me this course in English had not translated the right course i think since the exam was 14 direct questions and i haven't seen any of those questions in the course. What i am trying to say too that the reason of my failure here is that i hadn't the right or at least the full course to be able to answer at least 1 out of 14 questions.So please can you help me in writing these 2 letters to convince the Dean about my situation in order to take the best decisions that will fit me.thanks in advance
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