hi.. pls help me to write a letter to bursary unit in my college. i wnt to reissue my cheque..my college give me a refund cheque..to clear the cheque.. i've done a mistake that i'd bank in my cheque in wrong account number. i already go to the bank and ask for the cheque return..but the bank said that they already return it to my college but my college did not received any cheque..almost 3 months i go through in this matter.. so i need to write a letter to reissue my cheque.. can u pls teach me how to write in proper..pls

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I'm not clear about what happened here. Did the cheque get cashed? If it did, where is the money?

Best wishes, Clive
nop..the cheque not cash yet..that's why i want to write a letter to my college..because i dont know where is the cheque actually.. the bank told me that they already turn back the cheque to my college but the college didnt received any cheque.. so one of my college in account department ask me to write a letter to reissue the cheque.. on my situation can u pls help me to write the letter..
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I still don't understand why the bank did not just send the cheque back to you, as it belonged to you. I think your college will be reluctant to issue another one, if they don't know where the first cheque is.

Good luck, Clive

Dear Sir/Madam,

In March, 2006, you sent me a refund cheque. There was a problem with this at my bank, and they have now told me that they returned this cheque to you in April. Apparently, you have not yet received it. My bank can be reached at (address, phone number).

The cheque was for the amount of $9999, and was a refund for ??????

I would be very grateful if you could now cancel this cheque and issue another one to me.

Yours sincerely,