Hi Everybody,

My name is Miryam 19 years old, from Arabic country which is UAE.

Because I am not a foreigner and not from Western country, I need your help.

I have a critical thinking course, and my Swiss doctor gave us a question which is

"Is Western Culture beneficial to Arab?"

He means that can Arab get good things from the western culture? Almost all my friends said no, but I said yes strongly, because I strongly believe that people can learn from each other every time.

The big problem for me is that I don't know that much about western culture. I asked one of my friends from Holand and he gave me these topics without that much of explanations... so please I need a help.

· Nobody dies from hunger

· High standards of hospitals

· Technology

· Freedom of thinking

· freedom of press and so on

I need more positive topics about western culture with explanations.

Please no need to talk about the relationship between man and woman.

I have only 5 days, please help

Thanks for your help in advance
The list that your Dutch friend gave you is one thing, but what made YOU choose that Western culture is beneficial to your country? You should ponder more over that, thoughts will begin to flow.

Make a list yourself, 5 days is a lot, this can be done in 1 day if you really will it.Next with each idea, expand it by making it into 5-10 lines or so. Use the good ol' Internet. You can even type each line from the list you make into Google, that's going to get you somewhere.When you're done with it, post it here and someone will correct it for you.

Good Luck.

Thanx friend for the advice..

I have almost finished my writing , but no mind for more informations to be added.

Emotion: smile