Dear ?,

I am very interested in applying for the position of ? as within ?, advertised on ?. I believe that my background and qualifications, which I summarise below, match with your requirements. I also enclose a copy of my resume which gives you more specific information as to my background and accomplishments.

I have a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from City University Bellevue USA (June 2000) and I have recently completed my master's degree in General Management at the same university (March 2003). As a result of these course I have developed my abilities of analysis, process-management and negotiation, which I believe are key to the role of ? as the practice continues to develop.

I have also been able to develop my abilities in the workplace, both with [name of the company] and before. During my studies at City University, I worked for a personnel agency ([name of the company]) as an assistant to a recruitment consultant. During that time I learned how to communicate effectively with clients and developed my ability to work independently. In addition, I have four years of experience as a salesperson with Philips. Therefore, I believe I could make a significant contribution to ? by utilizing my experience of negotiating with dealers and learned to work as part of a team.

Your company has an excellent reputation for customer satisfaction, and I know that the combination of my experience, education, and motivation to excel will make me an asset to your company.

Look forward to discussing this with you in the near future. Should you have any questions, you may reach me via phone ?.

Many thanks for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Petra Eleckra,

I don't have time right now, but I will review your letter later today or tomorrow.

If someone else has the time, perhaps they will assist.

I am not very proficient in my english but I hope I could learn through picking out mistakes. As this could help me to understand myself better on the mistakes that I know or not. Hope you won't mind.

I believe that given my background ...

...which I have summarised below...

I have also enclosed a copy of my resume which...

...USA (June 2000) and had recently completed...

As a result of these courses, I had developed...

...I believe are keys to the role of ? as the ...

...with dealers and learned to work as part...
"...with dealers and the team-spirit to work together."

Hopefully when MoutainHiker have gotten some time and is able read through your letter, he could help the both of us.Emotion: smile
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Dear X: [use a colon]

I am applying for the postion of X that was advertised Y. I have enclosed my resume for your review.

My key skills that are as follows: blah blah blah. [Describe how the key skills fit with the position.] [This is your most important paragraph.]

My educational background includes a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration (June 2000) and a Master's Degree in General Management (March 2003), both degrees were obtained from City University Bellevue USA. My work experience includes blah blah blah.

I am confident that with my experience, education, motivation, and passion I will provide a signficant and meaningful contribution to your company.

Look forward to meeting you in the near future. I can be reached by phone at (***) 123-4567. I will follow up with you in approximately one week.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

To Whom It May Concern:This letter is in response to the above referenced position currently posted online. The attached resume is being submitted for your review. Last year the housing economy took a turn and I was cut back to part-time. A position became available for Project Coordinator within the same company and transferred in December 2008. Unfortunately, because of the bad economy I was laid off. I am a well-organized, self-motivated, and positive individual and feel that if given the opportunity can be a great asset. My objective is to obtain a position with a company where I can display my excellent administrative skills, hard work, and dedication.During the past several years I have held diverse and progressively responsible positions. I have been involved in customer service where I gained valuable work experience necessary to create a strong rapport with clients and provide a high level of professionalism and diplomacy. Throughout my career I have gained experience in daily time management, payroll and employee benefits. I have been responsible for all accounting functions which included progress billing, A-P, A-R and negotiation of past due accounts. All through my professional career I have demonstrated good judgment in prioritizing, multi-tasking and self-managing workloads to meet deadlines. I have experience in administrative decision-making, staffing, administrative support, budgeting, purchasing and equipment maintenance. I consider myself a team player with excellent communication skills and experience interfacing with executive management and executive level customers. I possess a commitment to continuous learning and to assist me in this goal I have enrolled in a two-year program. The attached resume details my background in these areas. My job and personal references can be provided upon request. My salary requirement is both reasonable and negotiable based on the experience presented: High 40’s.

If my skills and knowledge meet your needs for this position, then I welcome the opportunity of speaking with you personally. I will be glad to make myself available for an interview at your earliest convenience.