Pls remove the 3rd posting in:

...for the ages......

which links to a site which advertises what are most probably PIRATED books, including by Raymond Murphy and others.

Download learning English ebooks: Grammar, Vocabulary, Writing,
Reading, Listening, Speaking IELTS, TOELF, GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEIC...

if you don't want to have problems with copyright infringement yourselves.
it's not in his post, it's in his signature. He also posted a link to his website in a thread some days ago, but then someone deleted the thread, obviously.
Anyway, there's no need to worry, he's the only one who is likely to get in serious trouble (well, definitley, sooner or later), becuse he's the one who "gives", and he must be giving a lot. It also depends what country he's in.
Whatever, you'll see the mods will definitely do something about that, according the rules of this forum.
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Hi guys -

As it happens, we were already aware of this one and taking action, but this is a great situation to use the "report" button on a post. That sends a post right to the moderators' area for us to review fo any sort of violation of the forum standards. (Unforunately, too many people send it to us because they mean to hit "reply" but that's another story. So if you see something that looks fishy (or even just plain rude), use that "report" feature and we'll be sure to see it.