Topic: what are you going to do if you cannot find a job in your field of study?

As a fresher from the university I will be aware of many technologies. If I get a job in industry I will take it. It doesn’t matter for me whether it is in my field of study are the other. Getting some real time experience is important for me rather than looking for job in certain field.

At present I am doing my internship in a company where the work is more on C++ and testing. Actually I am interested in testing but not in C++. But I had accepted that offer because I need some real time experience. If we get some real time experience we can shift our job to any field of our interest. Now I am happy with my internship. I am getting some experience and also money. I am a smart student I can learn any technology in short period of time. So, I don’t worry about the filed I am going to work. I got confidence that I can do my best in any field.

As the competition is gradually increasing it may be difficult in future to find a job. As fresher it’s better to take the offer which comes first. Later after getting some experience we can change to our interesting field. Many of my friends has done the same. At first they accepted the offer on any field which came first and later they had shifted to their interesting field. As I am a master student I have idea on every technology that comes out of market these days. So, it will not be difficult for me to take up a job which is not in my filed of study. I will work hard to do my best for the first job after getting some experience I will plan to change my job.

I got my internship after working so hard in improving my skills. In starting I got interview calls from 3 companies. But unfortunately I lost the interviews. i am so determined to crash next interview by any chance. Without losing my confidence again I hunted for jobs. I worked really hard to come out of it. At last I got a call from my current company and I crashed the interview. In this competition world it’s difficult to get an interview call at first. If we are stubborn to get into our field of study in starting it may be difficulty. Later after getting some experience we can change the job.

In my internship I learned lot of new things. I learned many languages like perl, VC++, and tcl. It’s a good experience for me. Its better to join any company which provides you opportunity as a fresher. Because we can learn new things and get paid off. If we wait to get job in our field of study then it would be waste of our time as a fresher.

My suggestion is to get into job first, it may be on any filed and get some experience. Then we can rule the software industry. Many successful persons had done the same thing. As we are students we should be ready to learn new things.

Topic: what are you going to do if you cannot find a job in your field of study?

To me, C++ is still your "field" -- IT. (By the way, you need to tell us what your "field of study" is early on. I guess it's IT-related, but you didn't mention it.)
can you check my english grammer.i am concern about it.
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Here's one quick comment for you to consider.

In my experience, the term 'fresher' refers to someone who is just beginning their undergraduate studies, ie who is new to University. Someone who has very recently graduated, ie completed their degree, would be called 'a new graduate' or perhaps 'a recent graduate'.

Best wishes, Clive