Would you take a look of my sentences below to correct the grammar for me. Further, I want to make it sounds more lively and sweet because I want to write those on greeting card to my relatives and friends. Pls feel free to give me some more advice.

"Here, on our very first New Year, we wanna to give our biggest, warmest and cheeriest wishes to you. Wishing you Good Health, Good Fortune and Much Happiness always.

May our sincere thoguhts and wishes would warm your heart throughtout the year."

Thank you!
Hello Miyabi, welcome to English Forums!

Here are the corrected versions, in terms of grammar and spelling:

1. Here, on our very first New Year, we want to give you our biggest, warmest and cheeriest wishes. Wishing you good health, good fortune and much happiness always.

2. May our sincere thoughts and wishes warm your heart throughout the year.

All the best,

Hi MrP,

Thanks so much for your advice! I want to ask, is it correct to say, " we are giving our biggest,....cheerist wishes to you" If it's correct, which sentence is better? The previous one or this one?

2nd quesstion, I heard some ppl say " Herein,....." What is the difference of using " Herein, ....." and


3rd question, if I want to say something to encourage and give confidence to a teenage boy to work hard on this study and wish him have a good result in the exam. How can I say that in a more appropriate and nicer way?

Thank you in advance

Best wishes,