Yesterday, some guests visited my home they had a small baby
she started to insert her finger into her nose &remove small particles(dirt)
which was there in the nose.I told her not to do by saying
("stop fingering into your nose").every body started laughing at me.

I want to know whether my sentence was right?if not
how to put that thing in words?& what is the exact word for the particles(dirt)
which happens to be in the nose that we clean every day.
I hope u under stood what I want to know.
pls reply to me asap.
"Fingering" should be "picking". The verb "to finger" has a sexual connotation which I probably won't be able to explain here without being censored by the site-police. That probably explains the laughter.

Nasal mucus is the scientific term for stuff you find in human nostrils. The more commonly used terms will probably get censored if I print them here, but I'll have a go anyway: In Britain, "bogey" or "bogie", plural "bogies". In America, "booger", plural "boogers".

It didn't get bleeped! Cool.

right answer is picking