I am an engineering student (and translator...) and I've come up against some difficulties while translating a text. Briefly, the company I am working for intends to include some information on a CD and... I was assigned to translate it. I am not an expert in technical English (and not a native speaker...), so I searched and searched the net in order to get a "native sound" of the terms and phrases... But I am not sure at all it sounds right. Any help from you guys would be of great help. These are the products and services I strived to translate:

Projects for new machines, plant, technological lines, test stands, equipment for modernizing various industrial branches

Conventional and non-conventional technologies for metal processing, surface preparation, including through painting, for dismountable and non-dismountable assembly (welding-riveting)

Assembly, mechanization and automation of the industrial activity for plants in our country and abroad

Studies, projects and prototypes, machines, equipment for protecting and depolluting the environment

Manufacturing, trading, assembling, putting into operation and providing technical assistance for equipment, assemblies, plant, technological lines to internal and external beneficiaries

Computer-assisted engineering activities and research

Carrying out and trading studies, projects and other works for diagnosing, re-technologizing, prioritizing, rendering profitable and systematizing plants in Romania and abroad

Marketing and forecast studies

Activities of consultancy, servicing, technico-economic assessment

Organizing technical demonstrations, fairs, stationary and touring exhibitions, trading licences, know-how inventions, engineering works

Are they correct? Do you think you could help me with some better versions?
To be honest, without the contexts in which you are intending to use these terms, it is hard to say if they are right or wrong. Also, your format means that the post is not really readable. I suggest you give two or three at a time, in their contexts.
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First of all, thank you very much for your speedy response.

The thing is that, given the format of the CD they are supposed to be included on, there is not really any context at all, for any of them... They are conceived as a mere list of titles&activities, so that the potential customer should be able to learn what the company deals with.

My question is if it sounds right, correct and "readable" for a native speaker. To be more precise, for instance:

1. "...surface preparation, including through painting,...": is it ok, in the context of the "sentence"? or is it rather "surface preparing", "dyieing" instead of "painting" (we're talking about metals), "by" instead of "through"? I looked up the internet and found many possible versions, the ones I finally chose just sounded best.

2. "...dismountable and non-dismountable assembly ..." or "assembling"; "dismountable"=an equipment which can be dismantled, taken apart, disassembled; is it correctly used?

3. "rendering profitable" can stand for the French "rentabilisation", or is there any better term?

4. re-technologizing =renewing the technological equipment - is it used in English technical documents?

5. "stationary exhibition" as an antonym for "touring exhibition" - is it correct in English?

Or are they just my involuntary "creations", as a non-native speaker?

Anyway, thank you very much for your time and if you think you can help me with any of these (or others), I would greatly appreciate.
To be honest that translation. if done by a native, professional translator would not cost to your company more than 20 USD and your company will be assured of getting new customers that will bring thousands of dollars in business, without risking bad publicity