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goodbye my lover

How i love you
Sara81goodbye my lover

How i love you

Hello Sara81

Thank you so much shared your fav. songs with us. I think the following songs are nice too......Emotion: smile

"As long as you love me"
"Black or white"
"Donot make me wait"
"Fool Again"
"Hear Me Cry"
"I Swear”


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to the left to the left everthing you own in a box to the lef tin the closet that my stuff yes i f i brought it than pleze dont touch and keep talkin that mess thats fime but could you walk and talk at the same time and its my name thats on that backa so go
hi i'm tarek i want know you

Eminem - lose yourself

marc Anyhony - Love is all

nice topic , chinese
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kiss goodbye

and the songs of Jacky Cheung