Dear All,

Please some one help me.By introducing my self I am Harini wrking in MNC,Newdelhi.I am on maternity leave from 4 months.As my health condition is not good i want to extend my leave for another 2 months(including my 16 paid leave and unpaid leave).when I spoke to my manager about this he granted me only 2 weeks of leave.I tried to convinece him.but he didn't.As u know the present IT market is not good,management is not giving permission for long leave.they are asking me to report at the office after 2 weeks otherwise,they are going to terminate.they are asking me to give resign letter.but here my situation is very bad.Doc strictly prescribed 2 months rest.I clearly explained my health problem to them and told them that i dont have any problem with my baby.because i have already arranged one person to look after the baby.previously i got the appreciation for my work.I also told them that i would work from home.but they didnt agree for that.Now i want to write a letter to my manger with content sth like "Morally is this correct?and at present i am in bad situation and the way u are responding to this is really depressing me etc..."

can u write a formal letter which will cover all these and more (whatever u feel better to convince them in this situation )?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Harini, and welcome to English Forums. Congratulations on your new baby, and I'm sorry you are sick.

We don't write letters for people, but we review what they write.

In your case, I think it's very important to talk to you HR manager (personnel office, whatever you call it) to find out their policy on extended sick leave. Then find out exactly what documentation you need from your doctor to extend your medical leave. Don't call it materinity leave - you are now looking for medical leave for yourself. Do NOT tell you manager that he is making you depressed - it doesn't matter. It's not his job to make you happy - it's his job to comply with company policy.

Find out what the company policy is, and provide exactly what that policy requires.