CV stands for Curriculum Vitae.
Is there a plural for CV ? Is CVs correct to use ?

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plural curricula vitae
CVs is OK
Thanks for confirming that. According to wikipedia , its curricula vitae but the first line under External links is A useful article from a top jobsite on the major reasons why CVs get dumped.

So I was thinking, maybe curriculum vitaes is correct ?
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>So I was thinking, maybe curriculum vitaes is correct ?

No, it isn't in long form. You must remain Latin in that format.
Wouldn't that be curricula vitarum? Emotion: smile

(It's been years since I did Latin.)

CalifJimWouldn't that be curricula vitarum?

'Vitarum?' ... Provided you've got many lives...
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Well, if you (as an employer, say) have received a lot of curricula in response to a job opening, supposedly each is a curriculum of another life, right? ... unless the same person sent in numerous copies of the same CV.
even the word itself i got to know it last year!!

so as far as i know it's CV


Hi guys,

Where I live, people who have CVs are usually academics, people in the arts, professional people, that kind of thing. Most people, who are more ordinary employees, speak of their resumes, and use that as the title at the top of their first page. Job ads usually say 'Please submit your resume to . . .'

Best wishes, Clive
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