hi folks,

What is the plural of the word 'Feedback' as in "Reviewing all feedback/feedbacks"
which is right - feedback or feedbacks

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in German, Feedback is a loanword which is pluralized with an S.
other examples: Baby becomes Babys, Hobby Hobbys, and so on.
Which is probably why some people think it's ok to say feedbacks in English.
Just think of the origin of the word: feedback is usually one entity that you hear/feel.
I hear the use of "feedbacks" often when interacting with my technical colleagues from India.
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I was criticized by my co-Trainer for using the plural feedbacks!

I do not feel the criticism but the way it was delivered as if he knows too much in the English language.

Well, we learn from others... Yaosaful
Using feedback in the plural is an American habit. Just because some people use it doesn't mean that it is acceptable. Let's fight this trend of deuncountablization.

Trainings is another example. I have seen this on many websites. Does this mean it is right?
You know , the reason I am on this forum is because I read the blurb from a "professional" article writing company. They used the word feedbacks. I was shocked and thought that perhaps I was out of touch..

I am sorry to say it is here. Feedbacks and more Feedbacks. soon we shall have "feedbacking" or even "feedbackize"

I wish I could stop it, but there are too many people speaking horrible English who just don't care.

Trainings is my favourite!
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I've found this page while searching for the proper "feedback" word usage. My native language is russian.
Here's the answer from where it goes - try translate.google.com, from russian to english:
7 обратных связей => 7 feedbacks
5 тренингов => 5 trainings
As long as everybody is understanding each other, will an S make a big difference?

I understand that someone being obsessive-compulsive could be upset but...
We are the global village, right?

As a native English speaker I too have never heard "feedbacks" except today by my non-native English student. Also, as I just typed it my spell checker picked it up as incorrect.

There's such a thing as sounding natural like a native or correct. If you wanna sound native never use feedbacks. Not in England or New Zealand anyway.
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Feedback is both plural and singular. There is no such think as feedbacks. Feedbacks is not a word.
"Could you give me some feedback?"
"The Customer posted several instances of feedback."
"In my job I responded to web feedback all day long. Some times I process lots and lots of feedback."
"Many posts to my feedback."

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