hi folks,

What is the plural of the word 'Feedback' as in "Reviewing all feedback/feedbacks"
which is right - feedback or feedbacks

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I received four positive "feedbacks" on my ebay account.
It's Asian in origin and is the result of the conceptual differences in the differing approaches to forming and communicating with language. To Westerners a missing article "a" "the" jumps off the page; to many Asians and many others, articles do not exist - their language concepts include it as a given. They do not think/say "The monkey is on the wall" they think/say "monkey on wall" or "wall monkey is on" - you see the point. It goes through a translator algorithm, sees a singular "feedback" sees "20" and pluralizes it. It's the slow death of English - some say evolution - I say Ha! English is an awkward language at best; just look at that word, awkward. two sounds for 'w' [one silent] two for 'a' - awkward and insane! try pronouncing this awkwa... Emotion: smile
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Interesting. I would say that the use of articles is actually less common in English than it is in, for example, French, particularly when it comes to plurals. A classic instance of this is even in the country name: La France (French) compared with France (English).

Also, I would disagree with an earlier post that non-natives learning English learn British English, since American English seems far more prevalent in the articles I see (I'm a editor).
I have a person in my office that likes to use "feedbacks" and their primary language is Spanish. I was thinking that is was a translation issue.
This sounds more like online office jargon, rather than proper English. The proper way to say it, even IF online jargon, would be "I will feed back...." or I will give feedback" - feed it back! "Feedback" is a noun.
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This is what I was told by a M.A. in journalism - that feedback is an uncountable noun. Change may be on it's way, but it also sounds ignorant to say "Your feedback are requested", akin to saying "I are going to the store." Grammar in formal requests sent out to large groups should be correct, for the sake of clarity, and not use online computer jargon, which is changing our language for the worse. I try to use "Good Night!" when texting my daughter, lest she forget that the word "night" is not really spelled "nite". These days, with so much of our population learning English as a second language (which is wonderful), and everyone immersed in online shortcut jargon ("U R cute!), literacy, and the basic ability to express one's self correctly and intelligently in writing, is crucial. I did read that change is in the works for feedback being used as plural as in multiple feedbacks, but it, at present, is not correct. Feedback covers whether you give one response or 100. It is still feedback.
I disagree with the person that says it's evolving to be countable. Instead it seems like people abuse it enough that some people are getting used to the bad usage, but feedbacks used as a countable noun sounds really silly to me