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What is the plural of the word 'Feedback' as in "Reviewing all feedback/feedbacks"
which is right - feedback or feedbacks

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feedback is an uncountable noun.
The word feedback has evolved over the years, and is now accepted as a countable noun. Therefore, if feedback shared frequently in certain professions, each feedback unit is countable and hence its plural is now accepted as "feedbacks" .

Also, when you use the word feedback in the phrase "one of" as in one of the feedback shared with her, sounds rather incorrect.

Hence, in modern times, feedbacks is "ACCEPTABLE"
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As the last two posts illustrate, 'feedback' is one of many words that is evolving, that is in a state of transition.

It's easy to sound awkward when using this word as a count noun. The previous post points out one way. Another example of awkwardness is to say something like 'Please look at this sentence and give me a feedback'.

My recommendation to learners is to treat it as uncountable when you use it. When you think you have a good understanding of how other people use the word, then you can start to be more ambitious.

Best wishes, Clive
I don't think I've ever heard feedback used in a countable sense. Perhaps this is one of those American habits?
Oh, no you don't Nona! I'll take responsibility for not having enough kettles and drinking barbarian drinks like coffee more than tea, but not this one! I have never, ever heard of feedback used this way, despite the anonymous posters assertion that it is common. And I work with some of the most jargon-loving people you will ever meet. Feedback is not counted. If you receive feedback from many sources, you do not have feedbacks.

It may be coming, but it is most certainly not here yet.
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Ok, can't pin this one on you yanks then.

I don't know where it is used. It may be a national/regional thing; acceptable in one country's version of English but not in 'mainstream' English?
I was going to blame the Martians. Emotion: smile

But since the anonymous poster seems to be from the "throw the grenade and then run" school, we can't really ask. (Cue the eerie music) ... if it really exists at all.
Posted the same question here about a year ago - http://www.englishforums.com/English/FeedbackOrFeedbacks/brdkr/Post.htm

Many people come across the word Feedbacks on eCommerce sites esp on eBay.
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