There are quite a number of nouns which might carry a different meaning when they are changed into plural forms, for example, arm=>arms; force=>forces. Would you like to add more? Thank you in advance!

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hi everyone
i would like to add a word ' mass and plural masses
I stopped reading the comments after a while because they stopped making sense to the original question - most of which I thought were wrong.

I can only really think of one:

New and News

These are two different meanings.

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AnonymousI can only really think of one:New and News
'New' is an adjective,
Mass masses
gum gums
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store and stores

Fruit - Fruits (results)

Water - Waters(seas)

Wood - Woods(forest)

Colour- Colours(flags)

Air - Airs (affected manners)

Character - Characters ( people in play, novel, movie etc)

Content(satisfied) - Contents(index)

Good - Goods(things)

Force - Forces(military)

Spectacle(a sticking performance)- spectacles (glasses)

Iron-Irons (shackles, prison)

Force and forces

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