Need help for plural form of words ending in "X".
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----xes. complexes, duplexes, googleplexes.

Best wishes, Clive
Thanks. :>
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You're very welcome.

No-one can accuse you of checking too frequently for answers to your posts.Emotion: wink

Don't forget words like indices, or vortices.

Don't forget words like indices, or vortices.

That's correct. But my dictionary also notes that the forms 'indexes' and vortexes' are also valid.

Best wishes, Clive
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What is the plural form of... complex, as in military/diplomatic complex (s)???
My understanding is that all words ending in -ex can be terminated -exes as well as -ices:
One could say indexes or duplices even though one is more likely to see the more modern duplexes where the word is more used in common parlance; usually words that are still written with the archaic termination -ices are used in the sciences like indices, vortices, etcetera.
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