Is it pasta or pastas? Cheese or cheeses? I'm devising an activity for elementary school students that asks kids to graph as many different varieties of foods as possible. For instance, green vegetables, apples, nuts, beans, and so on. I need to refer to all the various kinds of pasta (or pastas?) and cheese (or cheeses) I'm not sure how to handle these plurals; I think they may be special cases.
"Pasta" and "cheese" are uncountable. You can say "different types of pasta/cheese", but it's not proper to say "different cheeses/pastas". Also remember you say "some cheese/pasta", just like "bread" or "fish".

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That's what I am saying! We may need to get a hold of MSN Encarta's personnel who are handling the dictionary format of its website. They have the plural of "cheese" as "cheeses"! It is causing great joy among my middle school ESL students.

Singular mass nouns are uncountable. As with your usage of among, should be amongst...if being technical1