please help me to find plural word for arthritis.

sagar dey
Hi Sagar,
Anonymous plural word for arthritis.
The plural version of arthritis is arthritides.


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Arthritus is both singular and plural.
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Dear Sri,

How would you use the word arthritides in a sentence? While it is, indeed, the plural of arthritus, I'd be interested to see how it would be employed. Thanks,

Dear Mr.John,

Well, as you know that most of the medical terms are based on Latin and Greek terminologies. As per the rule for changing singular forms to plural form, the singular word ending in "is" is changes to "es" in the plural form. However, as far as arthritis ( singular form ) is concerned, it is an exception to the rule position. Please follow the example:

Words ending in - is , change ending (is) to "es"

a) diagnosis (S) ; diagnoses (P)

* The word arthritis is exempted from this rule position.

arthritis ( singular ) - arthrites/arthritus (P) - This plural version is wrong.

Arthritis (Singular) - Arthritides ( plural form ) - This plural version is correct.

JohnParisHow would you use the word arthritides in a sentence?
For example:

Local joint injection therapy (LIT) is an established modality of treatment for the management of inflammatory arthritides, knee osteoarthritis and soft tissue rheumatism.

Also, I am herewith providing a link for your ready reference to come to a conclusion that Arthritides is the correct plural form of arthritis.


In the end, thanks for asking clarification in this regard.


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Hello Sri,

You're absolutely correct and I appreciate the time you took to answer. I had never come across the plural use of arthritus and am quite glad that you taught me something new. Thanks very much.

Thanks to you both seniors for giving valuable information. Great people and great site.

Sagar dey
Its my pleasure, Dr.John.


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vsrao teacher., itis - changes to -itides? Am I correct?

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