what is the correct way to make a name which ends in the letter s plural?

Just add "es." The Joneses have a very big house.

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put ' es ' at the backEmotion: smile
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If there are two people at a meeting who are called Jones, you could say, "There were two Joneses at the meeting.

However, although the general rule is to add es to the name it becomes somewhat cumbersome with some names. For example, it looks most awkward if you said there were two Culbertsonses at the meeting, or two Edwardses, or two Bateses.

But it is much better to rearrange the sentence to say there were two people called Jones at the meeting (Two people called Culbertsons, two people called Edwards, two people called Bates, and so on.)
Thank you! That is what I would have guessed, but I needed another's input before I wrote it.
what is plural of Morris
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How do you say...come say goodbye to the thomas'?
Come say goodbye to the Thomases.
no answer to the plural of Morris?
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Morrises... just like my name "Davises"
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