What would/is the plural form of 'prospectus'?

I plan to open a new university soon, and it is important to get these big words right!

Thanks in advance,
Professor Mike
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Main Entry: pro·spec·tus
Pronunciation: \prə-ˈspek-təs, prä-\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural pro·spec·tus·es

(www.m-w.com) (It's called a "dictionary"! Emotion: smile)


In Australia we would say; 'multiple entry smart-ass'. :-)
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Hi M Japan,

'Prospectuses' is the plural of 'Prospectus'. If not let me know too.

http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What is_the_plural_of'prospectus'

Thanks, Toms Mathew. I note that it is one of those 'fourth-declension' things. Groovy!


The Urban Dictionary was obviously wrong when it gave this;
1. Prospecti

Plural of the word prospectus

Finding a good university is a nightmare, I've spent the last two days looking through prospecti




...and so was The School of Music'

Graduate Prospecti and Regulations

The following files are in Adobe's PDF format. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view these files.
You can download your free copy by clicking on the Adobe icon below.




...and this from

Prospecti Ordering System

Desired Results: Keep stock of prospecti on hand for mutual funds used in Pershing Capital Account Models.
Accountable Person: Portfolio manager's assistant.
Standards/Benchmarks: There should be at least three of each prospectus for each fund on-hand at all times.
Resources Needed: Mike's models, Morningstar reports, and telephone

System for Ordering Prospecti

Results Desired: Keep a current stock of mutual fund prospecti.

Accountable Person: Portfolio manager or assistant.

Benchmarks: No prospecti missing, and no outdated prospecti on file.

Resources: Mike's models, phone, and file cabinet.

Quantify from feedback: If nobody complains about missing or old prospecti, then it is working.
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Now we just need a quote from a qualified scientologist to make it all official, and to get the word 'prospecti' onto the tongues of everyday citizens.
Mike in JapanWhat would/is the plural form of 'prospectus'?

I plan to open a new university soon, and it is important to get these big words right!

Thanks in advance,

Professor Mike

Hello Mr.M Japan

Remember many words are in old usage (might have been used before our age, because English is not a laguage formed yestrerday or day before yesterday, and it has many words from all languages used all over the world.)and not used at present. But I have never come across such a word. And in your question " What would/is the plural form of 'prospectus'?" 'What would be/is' will be right. Please, kindly make sure that you are right before saying the another one is wrong.

And for your kind information, I stand firm on my answer that the plural of 'Prospectus' is 'Prospectuses'.

Please visit: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/prospectus?o=100074


Chill, Toms. If you read this Administrator's reply more carefully, you'll see he said thanks and that it was Urban Dictionary that was wrong.

Mike, Trust the Urban Dictionary far less far than you can throw it!

I know, just for fun, let's open up the "statuses" debate again!
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