I think my subject about covers my question.

My question is whether or not to make the word "floor" plural or not in this context.

"Between floor one and two"


"Between floors one and two"?

If anyone could not just answer but explain why that would help a lot. Thank you.
'Between Floors 1 and 2' ( the floors' names) or 'between the first and second floors' would be fine.

Explain?-- there are two floors.
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Please help me with this, too.

- He cut between the first and second person/persons in line.
Here, why should we use 'person', not 'persons'?

Thank you very much.

- I've waited for this question for a long time, hohoho! Emotion: smile
The meaning is clear in any case, so I suspect that we would see a lot of both forms, Ms. Jandi; but for my money, there are clearly two persons involved.

Presumably (in the 'singular' camp), 'person' has been elided from after 'first'. I still find it more straightforward as a plural:

I failed the first and second grades.
I like the first and second girls in the chorus line.
I want either the first or second girl in the chorus line.

(I have yet to locate the rule on paper, by the way-- if another member has, I would be delighted to hear it!)