Please help me with this, is the correct answer A. turtles' (plural possessive) or B. turtles (plural only)? Can you explain the answer?

We spotted two ____________ shells poking out of the water.

Thank you!

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Best wishes, Clive
Well, I'm not sure, but I would use none of them. I would use just "turtle" because you have already after that the plural in "Shells". So I think the right phrase would be:

We spotted two turtle shells poking out of the water.

Please, somebody correct me if I'm wrong. English isn't my native language. Emotion: wink
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I agree about two turtle shells.

However, you could also say We spotted two turtles' shells poking out of the water, meaning . . . shells which belonged to two turtles . . . .

Best wishes, Clive
turtles' because the turtles own their shells...it is a possessive plural noun
Hey Clive I really neeed your help with plural possessive noun can you help me.
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