I want to know the correct form of grammar for cousins in the heading below. I am planning a family reunion for the cousins on the Fenner side of my family. I want to order printed post cards and printed gifts for this event. I am not certain if the plural of cousins is correct or whether I need to show ownership for the noun, cousin. Please help


1. Fenner Cousin's Reunion--this is what my brother wrote on the Evite

2. Fenner Cousins' Reunion

3. Fenner Cousins Reunion

4. Fenners' Cousin Reunion

5. Fenners' Cousins Reunion

6. Fenner's Cousin Reunion

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I would use 3, but 2 is also fine.

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Number 2 is the correct form.

Adding the "s" on "cousins" makes it plural. Adding the "apostrophe" after the "s" makes it possessive. It's the cousins reunion and you want to show the possessive form.

I want know the correct form of grammar for counsins below

1. My cousin's wedding

2. My cousins wedding

3. My cousins' wedding

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I would like to know the correct plural to use for cousin.

Unfortunately the cousins’ children are not invited to the wedding.

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I would think that cousins' is the right one, because you both want to indicate that it is plural (cousins) and indicate possession (cousin's). But you cannot write cousins's because the practice is to drop the final s. Like if their name was Fenners, something belonging to them would be Fenners' ("fenerzes")and if they're name was Fenner, something belonging to them would be Fenner's ("fennerz")

i honestly think that u should ask ur teacher or even grammerly