I have come across the following plurals being used. Are they correct? If they are, then how are they to be used appropriately?


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Dear Benita,
Children itself is a plural form, as you know. If you've seen the form "childrens" somewhere, it's a typo (a typographical mistake) meaning either "children" or "children's".
However, hair can be used both as countable and uncountable. So we can have "hairs" as in the expression "to split hairs".
Yes, "childrens" must be a typo for "children's" (possessive case, like in the children's parents)

You have hair (uncountable) on your head, but men (for example) have "hairs" on their legs and ***.
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Hey thanks Languagelover & wistiti! Could you give me some examples where 'hairs' can be used?
Maybe you could visit the "hairy chest" thread 'Topic of the Moment'?
Oh yes, do that, Benita! There are so many hairs, there!
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The more hairs you have the more power you gain...
Does this expression sound good?
That's for you to see, Chaoss!
Steady! [Emotion: party] Here we go!
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