Far out beyond the orbit of Mars lies the largest planet in our solar system, the gas giant, Jupiter. One of it's fourteen plus moons, Europa, seems to be covered with smooth, but cracked ice.
What is a plus moon?

fourteen-plus (often with a hyphen) is a way of saying 14, and maybe more than 14

eg There were twenty-plus students in the classroom.

Thanks Clive
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I'm still confused. Mars has at least 63 moon! I mean the differnce between forteen and 63 is just too much...
I agree that it's strange to refer to 63 moons as "fourteen-plus," but I can't think of any other explanation. There is no expression "plus moon" -- Clive's interpretation is correct, but the sentence is strange. What is the original sentence quoted from? Could it be from a book that was written years ago, before the smaller moons were discovered?

(By the way -- you wrote "Mars" instead of "Jupiter." Also, the original sentence contained an error -- "it's" instead of "its." "It's" means "it is." "Its" shows possession.)
l3lack_lightMars Jupiter has at least 63 moons!
I think this is what you mean.


Oops! I just noticed that khoff has already pointed this out.
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Yeah that's right Khoff and CalifJim, it was Jupiter not Mars. Sorry. And yes there is a mistake in the original sentence. I hadn't noticed that. Thank you.

Well Khoff, I think you're right. The artice was written in 1996.I'm not sure if in 1996, all the moons of Jupiter had been discovered.
Thank you all for your kind help.