According to Rapp, al-Marri received up to $13,000 for his trip, plus money to buy a laptop, courtesy of Mustafa Ahmad al-Hawsawi, who is suspected of helping finance the September 11 attacks.

With the world plus, does the total money received come up to more than $13, 000?

What if plus is replaced with 'including', does the meaning change?

Hi N2G
The word 'plus' seems to mean 'in addition' in your sentence. So, I'd say 'including' would not be an appropriate replacement.
Just to make sure I get it right, so the recipient received more than 13,000, am I right?
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That's what the sentence suggests to me.
What seems clearest is that he was given separate sums of money for separate reasons.
AHA! That's a good point. Thanks, Yankee!
Hi guys,

'Plus' simply indicates 'increased by'. eg

5 plus 1 = 6.

I made a reservation for 5 people, plus Tom. Total = 6 people.

I made a reservation for 5 people, including Tom. Total = 5 people.

Best wishes, Clive
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I never thought of the word plus as the mathematical operator '+'. Now, it all makes sense! THANKS CLIVE!

If: 20 dollars, including $5 tax, then it is 20 dollars total. Original price is 15 dollars

If you say 20 dollars, plus $5 tax, then it is 25 dollars total.