10.1. You tell to your friend about the recent travel to the country, which language study:

1) as you have reached to a place of your purpose, you used what transport;

2) as long you there were also what was the purpose of travel;

3) your goals of travel.........................................

I just returned from my trip to India was there on summer at my p friend’s invitation. john did his best to make my staying at their home pleasant john ‘s family was very hospitable and his younger brother jigs had a very good sense of humor people of India are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people I know wanted to see India as much as possible. There are many interesting and magnificent places to see. As I am interesting history we decided to go around Delhi. We took metro and we rent a car to make our trip easier and comfortable we gone to some interest places. One of the most beautiful ancient buildings is the red fort. It’s beautifully built with red marbles. it was made by the mughals who ruled India. In Delhi you also find a number of temples, the most beautiful of which is the lotus temple which is of the shape of a lotus. Also, there are lots museum which tells you about the ancient India like national museum. There are also many universities and educational institution in Delhi. We went on mountain climbing on Nanda Mountains. And when you’re hungry, there are plenty of restaurant, at all prices, serving you every possible type of cuisine’s hope to visit the city sooner and see this wonderful beauty again.

20.3 Write the brief message on how you spend

The free time

I prefer to my spend time outdoor whenever possible. It is more interesting and relaxing than staying indoor. Being outdoor gives me the oppurnity to see sights, try new things and meet new people to go cinema, to theatre, to live concert. When I am outdoor, I have the oppurnity to see new sights might go to a park, go swimming, and take a hike in a new place. The flowers change with season to see .if I ‘m indoor I like to read books and plays computer and watch movie on net.
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