could you plz check the grammar.!

i try to wirite it but i dont know the grammar is correct or not.

I heard sad news from my pastor (MS) as he’s moving to Dagon Mission Centre soon. The old pastor will be coming back to our church and to serving the Lord.

As you know that the pastor MS is a famous person at our church.

I thought in my mind when he’s leaving from our church who will be taking the responsibility instead of his place such as choir director, youth pastor and advisor, Sunday school and other activities.

What will be going on those?

But I really happy that the quarterly conference had made a decision he doesn’t want to move any place, any where so, I’m sure that God wanted for his strength and his talent to use current place.

It is unclear if the pastor MS is leaving your church or not. The first paragraph says that he is leaving, but the last says he isn't!
Also, if he leaves, wouldn't the new pastor take over the responsibilities?

the first time i heard news -he will be leaving.
but lastest news i heard,- no need to move from my church.

sorry to disturb u.. any way thz for checking my strory, i waited for a 2 days.
but i noticed that u alwys reply my letter.

thanks a lot