The Jungle Book by : Rudjard Kipling.Emotion: smile

The Jungle Book which is written by Rudjard Kipling is a type of a fantasy story which tells us about Mowgli, a man’s cub who was found by Father Wolf and its mate, Mother Wolf in the wood. They then saved the boy from being eaten by a cattle - killer, Shere Khan who actually had made the parents of the boy ran away from their campfire in the first place. Mowgli then lived with the wolves but he did not actually safe from Shere Khan’s claws because according to the Law of the jungle, each of the cub in the wolves’ family must be showed first to the Pack Council where they will be inspected when they were old enough to be independence. So, it was difficult to Father Wolf and Mother Wolf to keep him at first, as the Pack will not allowed other creatures in their place especially a human beings.

At the council, there was a quarrel between the Chief of the Pack, Akela and Shere Khan whether the Pack must allow Father Wolf and his family to keep Mowgli or not. But, finally, he was destined to stay with the help of two new friends, Baloo, a sleepy brown bear and also Bagheera, a brave and strong black panther.

After a long years living with the wolves, Mowgli had grown up and become a man.In all these years, he had being taught by Baloo and Bagheera besides Father Wolf on how to direct his own life.He must be ready to face with the real life which he did not know how it going to be. This was where his real adventure started when he will meet again with his true enemy, Shere Khan.

As for me, I think that this story is a very good one and it will make all of us stick to it till the end of the story.There were a lot of adventures besides some heart-touching feelings inside it.You guys should not miss it for good !I recommend this story for those who are deeply in love with fantasy stories.Emotion: big smile
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