I have decided to learn 10 words per day. In order to fully integrate these words in my vocabulary i try to use them in sentences. If i make a mistake could someone please pointed out


(Airborne) I always imagine a world where humans will be able to travel airborne because air traveling will decrease traffic. 

(blissful) (fracas) Achieving a blissful marriage is complicated; the first step is to prevent any fracas since these could lead to further issues. 

(bleat) When i imagine life in the countryside; i always picture cows, sheep and other animals bleating uncontrollably.  

(cot) (crummy) (dreads) (Dwellers) Some people look at the dwellers as the dreads of society, however, they do no think that these people have to live in crummy places. Instead of criticizing, we should unite to build house for them, even cots will be a more hospitable place for them. 

(cluster) Every morning, there are a cluster of pidgins in front of my house, waiting for my mom to come and feed them. 
Welcome Armendo! We can help you learn new words.
Airborne. The word comes from 2 words - bear (meaning to carry) and air. We say that a kite is airborne. (carried on the air).
The bird ran and ran and flapped his wings and finally became airborne.
Cot - a cot is a folding bed. Soldiers and sailors sleep on cots. Maybe you mean cottage, a small, cute house. The dictionary does mention cot as a synonym for cottage, but I have never heard of it used this way.
dreads - I think you mean "dregs" If you drink coffee made from ground beans, the gritty part at the bottom of the cup that you don't drink is called the "dregs". It is the part that nobody wants. Dread is a verb. It means to be afraid of. I dread taking tests in math.
Dweller - it is from the verb "dwell" meaning to live. I am a city dweller. (I live in the city and behave like a city person)
Cluster - good sentence. But pidgin is a primitive language. Pigeon is the bird.
Thank you so much!

 You have been very helpful