HI ..

I am aram from Ksa ..

and i dond have any writing Skills ..

so i hope somebody help me with my home work..

Teacher told us to write about our selfs ..

the Problem is >>>> Idont have any Idea what i shuld writing ???

plz help me

My name is Aram, I am reom KSA. I don't have any writing skills, so I hope someone will help me with my home work.

The teacher told us to write about ourselves, the problem is that I don't have any idea what I should write.

Could you please help me.

Hello Aram, we cannot do your homework for you, so why don't you write the assignment and post it here, then we will have something to work with to help you.
First of all : I am so sorry . I did not knew how should I put it
second of all : thank you Robyn Terri for correct my english

and this is what i could write
I resort to books .

Introduce myself

My name is Aram Abdul aziz, i am 18 yaers old, I am a student at al-imam university, my native languag is arbic.
I like reading, I read short story, novels, and magazine. and I like internet ,
I can draw a little bit also

That is all my mind think abuot .. my self and my hobbies ..

I don't go to jim or any thing like that .

what should I talking about ? my tall and wight ?
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kayf haluk, my name is jo i go to school in allentown pa i am doing my senior project on syria because my step dad is syrian and i am very interested in the language and culture, i will make a deal with you if you help me with research i will help you with your home work in english. post all your info here n we can write back n forth here talk to u later when you decide what u want to do good bye for now **** jo
YOU CAN WRITE ABOUT WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG . IF IT WAS FUN BEING 14, 16, 18 . ANITHING FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Emotion: smile

AramI like reading, I read short story, novels, and magazine. and I like internet ,
I can draw a little bit also

You've summarized the things that are important, Aram: reading, Internet, and drawing.

Those are three subjects which you can write about to give a portrait of yourself, by simply adding details-- for reading: what are your favorite authors or books or subjects, for Internet: how do you use the Internet (if it's for research, what subjects do you like to explore?), for drawing: who are some of your favorite artists or subjects or techniques?

Once you get started with details, you might have a hard time knowing when to stop.

Good luck.
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