Soon people who cannot work with computers will be disadvantaged. To what extent do you agree or disagree with idea?

Computers are the backbone of today’s world and will be remained for future. Some people think, people who have the knowledge of this gadget will have some advantage than the others. It is a debatable topic and i am going to discuss both aspect of this topic.

In present world, many people feel that “Life without computers is impossible”. So persons who can operate this electronic device can get employment easily. It seems to be true as when a person apply for job, always there is a column that “Do you have knowledge of computer?”
It is claimed that computer does the work fast and with no difficulty, since people can do calculation and access database very quickly by using ms-office tool. Moreover, there is a very less chance of error in work done with computers.

Many people also think that our dependency on computers is increasing day by day which can be dangerous if the problems like y2k again come. They also said that it is not necessary that a person with skills of computers is always beneficiary and we can not judge a person capability on basis of it. Many humans without the information about computer are still getting the jobs in 21st century.

In conclusion, the computers are used in almost every field. The competition
for getting employment is growing very fast. To get a work, a person should have special traits in this world. According to me, computer knowledge is essential for every one. Without it, it is tough to survive in future.
My first - and last - piece of proofreading of, and implicit comment on your post is:
'PLZ' should be 'PLEASE'.
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Haha, it's right but it doesn't help anyway.
Hello, sandeep:

1. I think that you have written a nice essay.

2. May I most respectfully point out two things?

a. It might be a good idea not to refer to computers as "gadgets."

b. And you probably should not say "According to me." I think that you mean "In my opinion."

3. Here is some information that you may wish to include in your article: Here in the United States, all

physicians (medical doctors) are being required to put all medical records of patients on the computer.

Some of the older doctors are not happy with this, but the younger ones accept computers as a fact of

life in the 21st century. And it's great for us patients: the pharmacist can read a computerized prescription much

better than a hand-written prescription!

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