all my feelings were kept in jail
all my hopes and wishes went in vain
all my dreams turned into nightmares
all my tears turned into fountains
all my lights turned into darkness
all my happiness turned into saddness
all my mornings turned into nights
all what i see is just
darkness, blackness, saddness,
clouds, nights, murks
everything seems to be lost
what would keep me living
my dreams, my fantasies??
would it last forever or..
die and give the sun another chance to shine
Hello broken heart,

Read this poem. If you want it in plain English, I'll translate it for you.

To an Inconstant One

I LOVED thee once; I'll love no more--
Thine be the grief as is the blame;
Thou art not what thou wast before,
What reason I should be the same?
He that can love unloved again,
Hath better store of love than brain:
God send me love my debts to pay,
While unthrifts fool their love away!

Nothing could have my love o'erthrown
If thou hadst still continued mine;
Yea, if thou hadst remain'd thy own,
I might perchance have yet been thine.
But thou thy freedom didst recall
That it thou might elsewhere enthral:
And then how could I but disdain
A captive's captive to remain?

When new desires had conquer'd thee
And changed the object of thy will,
It had been lethargy in me,
Not constancy, to love thee still.
Yea, it had been a sin to go
And prostitute affection so:
Since we are taught no prayers to say
To such as must to others pray.

Yet do thou glory in thy choice--
Thy choice of his good fortune boast;
I'll neither grieve nor yet rejoice
To see him gain what I have lost:
The height of my disdain shall be
To laugh at him, to blush for thee;
To love thee still, but go no more
A-begging at a beggar's door.

Sir Robert Ayton


hey abbiee
thanks for the poem it seems nice but for im not a native speaker i didnt understand it so much
so its for my pleasure if you translate it for me
see ya
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Hi bh,

Perhaps you'll understand this a little better.

To an unfaithful lover.

I once loved you, but not any more
That's your loss, and you're to blame.
You're not the person I knew before,
So why should I be the same?
The person who can chage his mind about love so quickly
Has a bigger supply of love than he has of brains.
God sent me love that I can share
But fools simply waste their love.

Nothing could have beaten my love
If you had been faithful;
Yes, if you'd been true to me
I might have still been yours.
But you wanted to be free
So you could look somewhere else:
How could I possibly
Stay in love with you?

When you fell in love with someone else
And changed your mind about me
It would have been laziness
Not faithfulness, if I kept on loving you.
Yes, it was a sin for you
To waste love like that:
It would be like praying to a false god
If I keep wanting you.

Although you are proud of your choice
And she boasts about you
I won't be unhappy, and I won't be pleased
To see her win what I've lost.
I have self pride,
And I will laugh at her and be ashamed for you:
I'll never beg for your love
When you are nothing but a beggar yourself.

thanks abbie i hope that i didn't bother you
Not at all BH. Hope you got the message of the poem - which is; it's their loss, because you are worth more than that! Emotion: smile
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thanks a lot abbie for everything...but you know what i am always convncng myself by ths but it doesn't workEmotion: crying
It will, BH, it will. Emotion: smile