You know, I used to write deeply emotional and thoughtful poetry(I didn't know anything about Emos then and, besides, I have brown hair Emotion: big smile ). I put great meaning into every word and everything. But now, nothing disturbs me so dramatically as before. No broken hearts, no phony relationships, no stuff like that.

I dedicate this post and poem to my laptop :-)

My dear, trusty, ageless friend,
How good these days
That never end.

My eyes reflect
Your glowing light.
You're there for me
At day and night.

I come, you're on.
I'm gone, you yawn.

We're friends. We are!
Won't fall apart.
And it's OK with you
If I accidentally fart.
Only 'accidentally', Selector?
Mister MicawberOnly 'accidentally', Selector?
Yes Emotion: smile
And, it's actually with -er. I know there's a word "selector" but my nickname is "selecter".
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yes, trusty laptop nods
Selecter..this is the first time I read a love poem dedicated to a laptop!:P
great poem!!!
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My laptop, Sonia, my laptop
Gentle as a dove
While you sleep, yet I tap your keys
you listen, you respond without grudge

My laptop, Sonia, my laptop
what a beauty you are
you can be megan fox, jessica alba or halle berry
only with a desire to set as desktop wallpaper

My laptop, Sonia, my laptop
Always ready, ever ready
Be it on bed, on the table or in the car
what else could a brother ask for?

My laptop, Sonia, My laptop
Strong and bold, Core i7, 4GB Ram
Broad with 500GB and with 500GB on your USB
you satisfy my every desire for space and capacity

My laptop, Sonia, my laptop
Yes, you are a sony laptop
Would thought Adele (Dell), Hallie Pippa (HP) was cool.
You are better than all. you are the best.

My laptop, Sonia, my laptop
Bother less of the mere mortals
reading this on facebook, wondering why I love you this much
it's because you are, that's why they can
PuccaSelecter..this is the first time I read a love poem dedicated to a laptop!:P

It's just sad. Emotion: crying

Good poem 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
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