A friend of mine wrote this amazing poem, but he's too timid to let the world know about it, then I'm posting it...

Every comment will be more than welcome...

"I'm sinking in pain and sorrow,

Love's slying my soul because of you,

I reckon my soul is having no tomorrow,

cursed for a life-time to play a role I wasn't born to,

waiting eagerly for Death to come;

Soon I'll be undone,

the first I die, the better,

now I'm fading,

no one matters...
I can see why your friend doesn't want to post this, YoHf. It is a personal moan, not a poem for public consumption. This is just the same thing I mumble to myself every morning when I get up and before I reach the bathroom.

Could you ask your friend what slying means?
And tell him/her that have should not be in the continuous form here.
And that lifetime is unhyphenated.

And tell him/her that I hope s/he finds another boy/girlfriend soon.
sry I made a mistake in typing, it was meant to be: "slaying"
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I bet he/she would be mad if he/she knew that this poem was published in the internet.