Pieter & Friends are organizing a poetry contest. The poem should be written to a person in a deep depression and should try to give him reasons to stay alive and keep on fighting. The poem should contain ( some of ) these words:
The more of these words you use, the bigger your chances are.
The prize: Pieter's excellent book, " The Thoughts of a Private Teacher" sent by E Mail.
The poems should be posted to the Poetry forum, with the remark: For the contest.
Come on folks!
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It wouldn't work for me, I have already got your book. Any other interesting prizes, Peter? I am sure you know what I mean or don't you?Emotion: wink
No, I don't .Emotion: smile
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Gosh, how can you have such a terrible memory and at the same time such a brilliant mind?
How many more times will I have to ask you that?
Why have you chosen depression as subject? Because of Attila Jószef's life and death?
Interesting question. No, it was just that i participated at an internet contest on this topic and it seemed a good idea to me. As far as J.A.'s life and death, he commited suicide ( we can't know for sure, no good bye letters ) in 1937. Being a communist for a while, and anyway a left wing activist he would have had the fate of other people like him: work camps or Stalingrad or Don, pain, torture. And if he, by chance would have survived the nazi regime and the war the Stalinist regime would have for sure killed him. Just wo lines to prove this;
" And tell a new story, please,
of a fascist communism" - my translation.
So, his suicide , if it was suicide, was just a pleasant release of the horror of that era.
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So, what is it that you want us to do? What about the prizes? Some of us have already got your book. I would like to mention that reading your book is great fun. Any other appealing prizes, Peter? Maybe you could read us a poem on the voice message? How does that sound to you? Cheers.
I'm changing my siet, you will find poems read by me on it.Emotion: smileEmotion: smile
I am so glad to hear that, Peter. I'm afraid you'll have to think of another prize then, dear. Any brilliant ideas?
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