Hello Teachers,

1.Don't point your finger at others.

2.Don't point out your finger at others.

Which one is correct?

What is difference between "point" and "point out"?

When I pointed out the station to the traveler, I pointed my finger at the station.

1) point out someone something
= point out something to someone
= let someone know (by directing a finger) in which direction something is.

2) point your finger at something
= extend your finger and direct it in the direction toward the thing


"Point out" is a phrasal verb which has meaning of "to mention sth in order to give sb information about it or make them notice it"

(e.g.) She tried in vain to point out to him the unfairness of his actions.

"Point" has the meaning of "to stretch out your finger or sth held in your hand towards sb/sth in order to show sb where a person or thing is"

(e.g.) He pointed to the spot where the house used to stand

So in your case, (1) is correct.
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