While reading a story ... Our hero is entering the castle of the villain ... The villain is watching our hero on the TV monitor ...
"Poised death ... For Jay Kingston, a ruling member of a crime organization known as the council, that death is only the squeeze of a trigger away ..."

What is meant by Poised death here?

Thanks in advance.
To be "poised" here could mean, I think, to be balanced or suspended, on the point of being ready to do something. So, "poised death" has the sense that death could happen - i.e. Jay Kingston could be killed - at any moment.
Death is ready to pounce at him as a cobra.
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You guys are brilliant!

What I didn't mention is that at the same time there is one of Kingston's men (working for another member of the Council secretly) who is pointing a gun at Kingston from the back to kill him in case he succeeded to get rid of our hero, as eliminating our hero will result on crowning Kingston to be the Head of the Council.

Thanks again for your help.
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